Recently we collaborated with a great bunch of small people from four different schools in Portland. Kids want to make a difference, and with all the media recently about the plight of the honeybees they asked for our help. The aim was to raise $200.00 to donate to the Oregon State Bee Lab. The Bee Lab is doing amazing research with a focus on honey bee health and survival. We donated our beeswax and the kids donated their time and passion for saving the bees. Together we produced some beautiful beeswax ornaments. The kids sold them within their local communities. So far we have raised nearly $400.00, almost double our goal!! Thanks so much for your support! - If you were directed to the website after purchasing an ornament. If you still want to get involved, please get in touch to find out if they are still available for purchase. The donation will be presented to the Bee Lab at the Oregon State Beekeeping Conference November 7th. Please get in touch if you have an idea and want to collaborate with OneTwenty Apiculture. We are always happy to donate our time, resources and expertise. Check out what they do and donate directly to the Oregon State Bee Lab here..