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OneTwenty Apiculture is located in Portland, Oregon. We sell local Portland Honey and we're excited to be launching a new Adopt-a-Hive program. We also offer professional pollination services and consulting for all facets of beekeeping (apiculture).  Check out more on our Services below:

We're launching a new service to encourage urban and backyard beekeeping. Adopting a hive is a great way to host a beehive on your property, even if you know nothing about beekeeping. You'll be able to learn beekeeping skills from an experienced beekeeper, eat honey made in your own back yard and your garden/neighborhood will reap the rewards of increased pollination. We also offer a Sponsor-a-Hive program, which allows people who don't have space for a hive to participate.

This is your chance to help save the honey bee, one neighborhood at a time! 

Pricing Starts at $500 Per Year. Includes 9 lbs of Honey from your backyard. 

All of our honey is local, 100% raw, and always cold processed.

Honey taste and quality varies, just like a bottle of wine. Honey from various locations and years will vary greatly. Its taste comes in part, from the species of plants that the bees are foraging from. Honey varieties can either be multiflora (foraged from many different plant species), like our neighborhood honeys, or monoflora (foraged from a single plant species), such as clover honey or blackberry honey. Some honey varieties are extremely rare, and some may even relay the medicinal properties inherent in the foraged plant species (e.g. Manuka honey). Apart from its enjoyable taste, honey is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Moreover, some studies show that honey may be a healthier alternative for sufferers of diabetes*.

The benefit of eating local: Apart from saving on unnecessary shipping and supporting your local economy, eating local has health benefits of its own: Some believe that local honey can reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies*.


Much of the world's food production relies on insect pollination. Bees don't just provide us with honey, but they pollinate our crops, and without them, we would starve. Beehives can be placed in close proximity to crops to improve pollination and increase yields. 


Interested in setting up some hives? Wanting to learn how to keep bees? Already have a hive and need some help or advice? Alexander is happy to consult on any scale of beekeeping projects. He is also available for guest lecturing/tutorials.

Our Story

Our Story

Our founder and resident beekeeper is Alexander Howitt. Born and bred in New Zealand, Alexander has been beekeeping with European Honeybees for eight years both personally and commercially with large and small outfits. OneTwenty Apiculture applies the science and experience of commercial beekeeping balanced with an ecological consciousness.

Alexander has trained and worked alongside the best and continues to grow his breadth of experience by travelling globally and continued professional development. He holds a Telford Certificate in Apiculture Knowledge, is a member of the Portland Urban Beekeepers Society and is pursuing a master beekeeper qualification through OSU (Oregon State University).


Our Name

A lot of people ask us what our name means. The Hexagon is the strength and foundation within which bees store and protect their glorious liquid gold. Every hexagon in a hive's honeycomb is perfectly constructed with six corners, each with an internal angle of 120 degrees. So there you have it! - The inspiration for our name. OneTwenty is the start of something very beautiful.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

You now know what OneTwenty means, but did you know that OneTwenty Apiculture is dedicating one in every twenty hours to community projects?

We are committed to giving back to our community and welcome any opportunities to share our knowledge of honeybees. Contact us here for more info.

Showing small people beekeeping equipment. Reading the Bee-Man book to a class. Hosting free honey harvesting events and more..