100% Raw cold pressed honey


Based in N Portland, OneTwenty Apiculture is dedicated to producing high quality, 100% raw, cold pressed honey. OneTwenty is expanding and currently has hives throughout Urban Portland's North and inner North East neighborhoods as well as Sherwood and Manzanita OR.  These unique wildflower blends are collected and harvested only if surplus honey is available each year. The survival of our honeybees is the first priority in our continued success. Therefore, we ensure the bees themselves are left with enough of their own liquid gold to successfully over-winter (stay alive) year after year without the need for supplement feeding of refined sugars or buying bees from out of state like most commercial operations do each year.  

Neighborhood Honey is also always local. Produced, harvested, and extracted in small independent batches. It is never heat treated or blended and the bees are never fed antibiotics. The honey normally doesn’t leave the zip code in which it was produced, keeping this product as environmentally conscious as possible. 

Supporting Neighborhood Honey means supporting an environmentally friendly, owner/operated, local started-up, committed to doing everything possible for the continued sustainability of the beehives. The bees must come first. This means we may sell out of our product before producing more the following year. This is a result of taking from the bees only that which is surplus to the beehive’s required over-winter food supply. Taking anymore, may jeopardize the ability to successfully ‘over-winter’, and would require feeding of refined sugars to the bees. Robbing the bees of the same nutritional value that we wish to enjoy,

You help can save the bees, by supporting local, ecologically conscious beekeepers.